Need to complete something

I seem to be collecting projects without getting any finished. There’s also been some changes in my ‘Day Job’ which has given me new responsibilities. I’ve decided that I need to move all my lumber stock into the house, which means that I have a lot of cleaning the space I’m going to use. The difference in the humidity in the house and in the shop is significant enough that the wood I’m using changes shape between my finishing area in the house and the rest of the shop in the garage. Since my all my projects are destined for inside of the house, it make sense to store my stock there and only take them to the shop when I’m actively working with them.

As for writing, not a lot going on right now. My girlfriend and I took a river cruise last April and we observed a young Japanese girl sitting by herself at Central Cafe. She challenged me to writing competition. She finished her story within a week. I’m still working on mine. I guess she technically won. :) Mine is titled Vienna and it should be done relatively soon.