Some recent changes

Since it doesn't seem that I'm going to produce any useful Android Apps, we've removed that section. In its place, I have added Stories to showcase my writing projects.

A bit of a background on my writing. I've been encouraged over the years by friends and family to write. When I was living in Brussels, I joined a small online writing group, which has since disbanded. During that time, they had a story competition. The story had to contain certain features, such as a twin, teapots, etc. I don't really remember what they all were. The original version of Potbelly Antiques came of that effort. It was written in First Person Present, which is fairly hard.

Last year I joined a writers critique group. Through that group, I learned about Loudon County Library's annual WriteOn! short story contest. I submitted Huntress, which I had written a few years earlier. Those of you who are familiar with Magic: The Gathering may recognize that it was a source of material. It probably needed to go through my writer's group. I did get Honorable Mention. Two other members, Deb & Amy, were also Honorable Mentions.

My first submission for the writer's group was The Kiss. I then I re-worked Potbelly Antiques for First Person Past and ran that through the group for review. I received a lot of good feedback on both stories. I subsequently submitted The Kiss and Potbelly Antiques to ASU's Canyon Voices. They graciously accepted both stories for their Spring 2018 issue and as part of the release party held on campus, I read The Kiss.

I have four other Tango stories along the lines of The Kiss. I'm working, slowly, on a novel based on Huntress and a Sci-Fi novel that I've been kicking around for way too long. As I get things finished up, they'll be here first.

I hope you enjoy.