Here are the items that I have been lucky enough to have published. I owe a big "Thanks!" to members of the Mosaic Writers critique group. A great group of folks.

The titles are links to the story. There's a brief description of how it came to be published. I hope you enjoy these stories.


Short story

This story was my first submission for publication. I submitted it to the 2017 Loudon County Public Library WriteON competition where it earned Honorable Mention. I had just joined a writer's critique group, I didn't have time to have them review it before the submission deadline, so it didn't benefit from critical review. Deb and Amy from the critique group also received Honorable Mentions for their submissions.

This work was originally done in First Person Present to be submitted to a writing competition in a small, online writing group I joined while living in Brussels back in 2006. That group has long since disbanded.

In early 2018 I reworked it into First Person Past and had it critiqued by my writer's group. After working in their comments, I submitted this with "The Kiss" to ASU's Canyon Voices for their Spring 2018 issue. After working with Ilyssa Goldsmith, the Senior Fiction Editor, to make some addition changes, it was accepted. 

The Kiss

Short story

I had originally written this story to share with my peeps in the Argentine Tango community. After receiving comments from non-dancers about it being somewhat hard to follow, I reworked it and submitted to my writer's critique group in late 2017. A few people have asked for a followup story, which I have been working on. There are also a number of other Tango Stories that I'm cleaning up.

As with "Potbelly Antiques", it was accepted by Canyon Voices for their Spring 2018 issue. I was honored to read it at the release party held on April 13th in Phoenix.