Travel, travel, travel...

September finds me traveling again. Currently, I'm in Oregon for a couple family events. Visited the downtown Portland store of The Joinery. A very nice place. Picked up some new ideas and things to try in the shop. I already have a backlog of fourteen projects, so I really don't need any more. Since they are personal, no timeline is involved.

The trip out inspired me to write, so I did. Working on a piece I hope to have reviewed soon. The title at the moment is Undomesticated Travel. Still working on the Vienna story.

Need to complete something

I seem to be collecting projects without getting any finished. There’s also been some changes in my ‘Day Job’ which has given me new responsibilities. I’ve decided that I need to move all my lumber stock into the house, which means that I have a lot of cleaning of the space I’m going to use. The difference in the humidity in the house and in the shop is significant enough that the wood I’m using changes shape between my finishing area in the house and the rest of the shop in the garage. Since my all my projects are destined for inside of the house, it make sense to store my stock there and only take them to the shop when I’m actively working with them.

As for writing, not a lot going on right now. My girlfriend and I took a river cruise last April and we observed a young Japanese girl sitting by herself at Central Cafe. She challenged me to writing competition. She finished her story within a week. I’m still working on mine. I guess she technically won. :) Mine is titled Vienna and it should be done relatively soon.

Damn, it's cold outside

Which means it’s cold in the garage and no wood working going on. No writing either. Work has been busy, and I can’t really use that as the reason for not writing. The last thing I wrote was a story that I refer to as “First, You Broke My Heart, Then You Loved Me” rolling around in my head for a long while. Around Thanksgiving, I woke up with the urgent need to start putting it on paper. Well, on a metal platter someplace in Google-space. The urge petered itself out just before the 700 word mark.

That’s been it for a while.

An update

I’ve been working on making a coffee table out of a walnut slab that I’ve had for three years. The problem was coming up with a design for the base, which I did about a month ago. I’m in the process of milling walnut for the base and cleaning up the top. I hope to have it done soon.

I’m also working on another serving tray made of Black Mesquite and Maple. And there are pieces for a Soji Screen needing attention.

I’m also working on cleaning up a few stories and having them reviewed. I hope to finish one by Thanksgiving.

I’ve had a lot of company from out of town the last month or so. I haven’t been lounging around doing nothing.

Argentine Tango

I'm apparently struggling to convey Argentine Tango to people who are unfamiliar with the style. I'm playing around with some ideas to address this problem (maybe). I thought I'd share these two videos links for anyone who's interested.

The setting for 'Late': Tango at Eastern Market. This is typical social tango.

Show tango in Buenos Aires (competition) which would be frowned upon in a social setting: 'The Proposition' (aka The Girl On The Corner)

'Late' receiving final edits

I have finally gone through the review comments for Late. While there are a few more to do, I've moved it into the Unpublished Works page. The next story I have comments for is A Proposal. It was called The Girl on the Corner and The Negotiation and a mix of both. Based on the feedback I received, it may get a major re-work. I also have Eliana being reviewed.

Two new stories available under Unfinished Works

I have made two stories available: Late and A Negotiation With A Girl On A Corner

These are the top two items on the Unfinished Works page. Once they have been reviewed by my critique group and their comments have  been incorporated, I'll move them to Unpublished Works. If I submit them to a publisher, I'll have to take them down during that time period.

Some recent changes

Since it doesn't seem that I'm going to produce any useful Android Apps, we've removed that section. In its place, I have added Stories to showcase my writing projects.

A bit of a background on my writing. I've been encouraged over the years by friends and family to write. When I was living in Brussels, I joined a small online writing group, which has since disbanded. During that time, they had a story competition. The story had to contain certain features, such as a twin, teapots, etc. I don't really remember what they all were. The original version of Potbelly Antiques came of that effort. It was written in First Person Present, which is fairly hard.

Last year I joined a writers critique group. Through that group, I learned about Loudon County Library's annual WriteOn! short story contest. I submitted Huntress, which I had written a few years earlier. Those of you who are familiar with Magic: The Gathering may recognize that it was a source of material. It probably needed to go through my writer's group. I did get Honorable Mention. Two other members, Deb & Amy, were also Honorable Mentions.

My first submission for the writer's group was The Kiss. I then I re-worked Potbelly Antiques for First Person Past and ran that through the group for review. I received a lot of good feedback on both stories. I subsequently submitted The Kiss and Potbelly Antiques to ASU's Canyon Voices. They graciously accepted both stories for their Spring 2018 issue and as part of the release party held on campus, I read The Kiss.

I have four other Tango stories along the lines of The Kiss. I'm working, slowly, on a novel based on Huntress and a Sci-Fi novel that I've been kicking around for way too long. As I get things finished up, they'll be here first.

I hope you enjoy.

Long time without a post

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. Since the last post, there have been a number of shop upgrades. Most notably a new workbench and a Joiner. 

I've also completed a small number of projects. Some have photos in the Gallery. My first customer wanted some built-in shelves in African Mahogany. Since then, she has also ordered the tiny coffee table and a serving tray. 

A good friend of mine wanted four flower boxes for her barn, which turned out well. Hard to really photograph.

I made a handful of birdhouses, a box for a card collection, a small desk for another client and a flag box for my Step Father's flag.

DNISW — News

Last Summer we needed to relocate. So all shop activities were suspended. The new shop is bigger and we have been getting things settled and are glad to say that we are back to making things. While commissioned items always take priority, we do have a couple of items that we are almost ready to unveil. Hopefully by the end of June.